I'm looking at chords to some songs and noticed that they don't say the type of strum you're supposed to use?
Just copy the strumming that the artist of the song you're playing uses. Not too hard.

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yeah they rarely do include it. You just eed to have a basic idea of the rhythm in the song and go with it. Just let it flow untill you get it. If your struggling learn the chords and the order off by heart so its easy to change chords and all, and then when your comfortable with the order of the chords and the changing just sit back and sort of listen to the song in your head, play along but dont concentrate too much on the rhythm, its one of those thigns that you just sort of pick up by being relaxed about it. One thing I've learned, I can;t keep up a good rhythm if im concentrating too hard on everything else. Rhythm is one of the latter things that i 'learn' when learnign a enw song.
That has got bo be one of the more thought out resposes to a question I have see yet , I want to thank you for taking the time to respond in detail like that. Very heopfull.

thank you