Okay, to start, I'm 14 and not made of money at all, so this has to be cheap. I am very new to recording, and I use Audicity to record. I use an Eyetoy camera to record but the quality is horrible and I want to know how to record Drums, Guitar, Vocals, and Bass with a simple setup for under $200 that doesn't sound horrible. I was thinking about getting one of those computer addaptors that you plug your guitar into, but how would I record drums? Thanks to anyone who can help .
Get a Drum Machine.
Get a line 6 Toneport.
But you'll need more than 200 for these.
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buy a microphone? i use just an ordinary vocal microphone to record vocals, guitar and bass, but for drums you need a bunch of mikes for it to sound good. i bought my mic for about 70$ i think, and it works pretty well, except for some background hissing.
200? my set-up cost me 4,50 euro
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The only thing $200 will get you is a used SM57 mic and a used Toneport UX1. It will work out better than the current setup you are using.

Plug it into a USB port on your desktop computer and you can record just about any instrument.

Bass - youll need to buy a bass guitar or get someone who plays bass
Drums - look on ebay for a drum machine.
Guitar - plug yours into the Toneport or mic your amp with the SM57
Vocals - use the SM57

This toneport setup is low price and a beginner setup only...it wont be great but it will work to an extent.

$200 is not nearly enough to record all the things you want...
Recording isnt cheap...It's as simple as that.