I want the next guitar I purchase to have a Floyd Rose, and not just a licensed one. I noticed most guitars with floyds run at $1000+. I'm not exactly made of money, so I was wondering if anyone knew any good guitars that you could reccomend. (Note: Please don't recommend floyd rose brand guitars...)
Schecter Hellraiser FR
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You could always get a guitar with a LFR and later down the road switch it to a OFR.
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Ibanez RG1570 and S series.

Not exactly floyd rose but comparable.

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I know you probably dont want to hear this, but I am gonna say it anyway. Try out some Ibanez guitars with the edge-style tremolos. They are built as good as floyds, they are floating, and they look better on the guitar. I just sold my fender strat with an original floyd because i preferred the Ibanez tremolos. Thats my opinion on the subject.
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Schecter Hellraiser FR

ya man get the hellraiser its got nasty looks and plays really nice and has emgs in it so it would be the perfect metal guitar.
Ibanez S series (yes I know its not OFR)
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