Again, what the title says. Ill start, giving an example
Try to put something material, and something not.

Here goes mine:

Material: Jack Black's Electroacoustic guitar

Non-Material: Malmsteen's Talent

Post guys! c'mon!
material, Claudio sanchez' gibson explorer natural burst with 85/81 emg set OR his hair (not cut off, magically transfered to my scalp)

non material, Claudio Sanchez talent
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EDIT: material - john butler's dredlocks..... i dont know why i like it
Kurt Cobain's Jagstang

Jimi Hendrix's skills
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Paul Gilbert's Wardrobe, with everything from the 80s and 90s.

Paul Gilbert's Picking Hand.
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Ton Koopman's Organ

Johann Sebastian Bach's musical talent

I would use this as an oppurtunity to have talent for an instrument I haven't ever played.
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Gear-dean flame razorback-V w/1EMG and 1Dimebucker

Talent-a mix between Herman Li & Matt Heafy
My guitar.

My talent.
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Gilmour's strat No. 001

J.S Bach's classical music knowledge
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Paul Gilbert's Wardrobe, with everything from the 80s and 90s.

Paul Gilbert's Picking Hand.

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randy rhoads' guitar and talent
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Material: Gary Moore's guitar.
Non material: Yngwie Malmsteen's technique, Gary Moore's creativity.

zakk wylde's custom rebel guitar

and he's skills to
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Material: Head's white Ibanez Universe from the early days of KoRn, but in mint condition.

Non-Material: I'll have to go with pretty much everyone else and say John Petrucci's talent.
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Material: Kirk Hammett's Mummy Guitar.

Non-Materiel: Everything is IS Material. Guitar skills are Material.

Also, I don't want to magicly have someone's skill. That's cheating. I'd much rather earn my own skill.
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