Alright, my parents refuse to buy me a new bass, and I don't have the time nor the means to save up for a good one, so I'm thinking that I might just completely switch out the hardware on my current POS bass and get all new stuff. I'm talking new bridge, new tuning pegs, new pickups, mabye even a new neck (if that's possible; the tuning's off on my higher frets, so it'd be great if it was). So what would you guys reccomend for my:

Pickups (P-Bass or MABYE humbucker if I can figure out how to rewire it)-


Tuning pegs-

Neck (I was thinking mabye a jazz neck, but IDK if this is possible to change in the first place)-
What bass are you going to be modding? We can give you better ideas if we know what you're working with.
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What bass are you going to be modding? We can give you better ideas if we know what you're working with.

It's a Fullerton that I got as part of a $100 starter package. Normally I'd just fork out $200 for a new bass, since that would still be better then my current, but I think I could get it to sound better if I get high-quality hardware then I could by getting an Epiphone or a Squier.


There's a link.
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Get a Squier VM Jazz bass or look into the used market. Guitar center chops A LOT on prices for minor dings, so blem is great too.

That sounds good, but I'm also honestly interested in modding this bass to make it better. I'd rather make this bass above average (I'd call it average now) and get an AWESOME bass in the future then buy an above average bass now and wait longer for an AWESOME bass.
Actually the neck of your fullerton (which looks to be maple) may be the best wood in the bass. The body is "unknown" which could mean composite or agathis. If you go for decent Pups, with everything else, you are looking at about 120 USD, if you don't go high end.

Frankly, thats a significant chunk towards a new or quality used bass. If I were you, I'd save the cash and wait.
for pickups, go for DiMarzio Split P DP127's. i modded my **** p bass with those and it sounds great now. they're good for just about any genre. and they hold a note for ever.
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Trust us. Saving for a new bass is the best long term solution. Modding to make a bad bass sound OK will cost almost, if not as much as a second hand squire of cheap Ibanez (if you go to town with upgrades. £50 a pickup, same for a bridge,tining pegs, £30 and a new neck from £100 for a worth while one, but still not good. Thats over £200 to upgrade a poor bass to ok, instead of selling the bad one and using that money and more to get a fairly good bass.

Quality of build is far more important than pickups. Save a bit more, wait a while and then have a look in the £300-£500 price range and you will get a far better end product, which can then be modded at a later date to a much higher standard.
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You will spend more than the bass is worth modding it, and probably more than a brand new, better bass trying to make it sound good, and it will still suck. Sorry to piss on your bonfire, but it's the truth. Dropping aftermarket pickups and hardware on a bass that came in a starter pack is a huge waste of money and time.
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Lol, alright, you guys have convinced me. I'm figuring I can save up about $200 by christmas with mowing lawns n' ****, plus another $100 for my birthday and $200 for xmas. That gives me $500. Do you guys think I could get a Fender P-Bass Deluxe for that much? And how much would it be for a used/blem Stingray?
the p bass deluxe goes for about $550 new, so you could probably a used/blem one for about $400
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$400 on the used P-bass Deluxe, but they're very hard to find used in gaood condition. Mostly because the people who buy them don't want to give them up.

MM Subs are starting to get rare, too. I'm not fond of them anyways, but they're slowly drying up around the TB b/s/t. Not to continue "pissing" on your bonfire.

If you have $500 saved up, I'd say sell your used bass, you could probably get $60 out of. IMO, any working condition instrument, even of a no-name company, is worth $60.

$560. P-bass deluxes used to be $560, but the price recently got booted back up. So I guess you could either pray that the price falls a tad, or just grit out another $40.