I did this awhile ago. Let me start by saying PLEASE DON'T COPY THIS PAINT PATTERN! I haven't seen one like it yet and I'm not in the mood to start seeing them crop up. I know this sounds like a bit of a joke since I kinda copied EVH's idea, but I haven't seen this spin on it yet. Basically, I had a Charvel CX391 like this ( http://audiozone.dk/CatalogScans/JC1993/pages/JC1993Page14.htm Like the white one). I got bored with, and decided to do something with it....

(Pardon the big pics)

I sprayed black over the existing paint job on it. This gave it a real rough texture and look. I also did a sloppy job to kinda replicate EVH's paint job. Then I order the EMG KH-21 pickup set and put it on, cutting the pickguard, again roughly, to fit. Long story short I love it and I haven't seen one like it yet. The only thing thats changed is I've put an EMG 85 in the bridge and replaced the locking nut on it.
Cool look
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Don't think the pickguard goes with it, but otherwise nice paintjob.
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Don't think the pickguard goes with it, but otherwise nice paintjob.

I've been thinking about this for awhile. What do you think would look good? The one on their was only supposed to be a quick fix anyway, as the one I had was really messed up and H-S-H. The KH-21 came with one, so I used it.

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its just evh with less stripes. people copy this everyday

I was more or less referring to the paint colors, but I see where you're coming from I think the strips look pretty good, but if I could do it over I would do mor epin stripes and adjust the angle of a few of them.
Either a plain white pickguard with the paintjob continued onto it, or a white pickguard with a bold black border around it.
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Nice job dude. If you could sand down the pickguard or something so that less of it was shiny, that would be awesome. Like the cutaway and controls shiny but by the pickups it's a normal white.
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