So im going to be getting some pedals tomorrow to augment my current rig (sig), and alhough im basically decided already I have decided to ask UG about it.

What im getting...

Boss DS-1 - Basically for sure, planning to use it for some steve vai tones, and also kinda a Gary moore still got the Blues album tone...

Boss BD-2 and/or Digitech Bad Monkey - Have heard good things about both, plan to use for a combination of SRV, clapton, and other blues type tones.

Im also wondering how the bad monkey and the bd-2 will react, to each other, and to my current SS fender 100W amp. Keep in mind that a good tube amp is next in line for me, im not going to stay with ss for ever.....


if a tube amp is next in line, why don't you just wait and put the money for your pedals towards your amp, and have that sooner and those pedals later? or at least hold off on the ds1. a ds1 through a fender fm212 is not going to get you steve vai tones.
^+1 amp > effects. you have to have a good base to start with

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

^ I agree, especially with 2 Strats and a Fender amp. Nothing else in your rig is anything like Vai's equipment, so expecting "Vai tones" is illusory.
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ok, the main reason is that I need the pedals now, and the amp that im going to get will probably cost me 5 times what these 3 pedals cost, and I have to wait for the amp for reasons i cant explain

funny climhazzard, because i liked the way the ds-1 sounded thru that fm, tried it extensively....Anyways, I used the steve vai lable loosely, just looking for a higher gain sound, shouldnt really have said vai cuz his sound is a bit too smooth for me
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^ I agree, especially with 2 Strats and a Fender amp. Nothing else in your rig is anything like Vai's equipment, so expecting "Vai tones" is illusory.

again i apologize that was sorta the wrong way to describe the tone Im wanting from it...
well, so long as you like your tone, go for it. i'd also suggest looking into a ts if you're really into srv, though it's quite mid-heavy and, depending on what your next amp is, your tone might become TOO mid heavy. perhaps look into a jekyll & hyde? it's got both distortion and overdrive. i, personally, didn't really like the tone too much...but, imo, it sounds better than the ds1 and blues driver (unless you mod them). and better than the bad monkey.
^yup I have looked into the j&H, liked it, but where i am its a bit cost prohibitive, and i personally perfer the sound that I got with the ds-1 etc.

The reason that i dont want a tube screamer is that I dont want to get one till i have my new amp, which may not be till next summer, and also because these three pedals are less together than the ts808 here which sucks bum....

Basically, I wont have the money for an amp (possibly fender 65 deluxe reverb) till the summer anyways, so saving now is no help....

Thanks for the words fellows!
try out what you want tomorrow one last time and see what tone you like. honestly, thats all that matters. i dont have the ds-1, but i have played it and its not too bad for distortion. i think thats actually what will replace my grunge pedal.

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save the money for a carvin legacy, sounds like thats exactly what youre looking for tone wise.