I'm pretty set about the Jackson DKMGT and im about to order it right now

but i read a couple reviews on it and some bad things i heard about it was
-it has a bolt on neck and the neck can be wobbly?
-the knobs can be very loose
-the electronics (pots) arent that good.

how much does it cost to get my pots replaced by a professional?
are there any ways to fix the other 2 problems?
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I have a dkmg and have had no problems with it. Ive had it ofr over 2 years and I play alot.
Alot of times, reviews like that are posted by ppl who get guitars that slip thru Quality Control or have small incidents in shipping. I wouldnt think you would have too much problem rly.
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Thta's probably the older version.
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The new ones have EMG 81/85s, and no EMG turbocharger/Jackson Afterburner. I've never heard of issues with the bolt on necks. If the knobs do happen to be loose, its easy as cake to tighten the. I've had no issues with the pots on my import Jackson. the only thing is the hardware isn't of the best quality, but I would say its on par with any Ibanez or Schecter of the price range.