In my ceramics class we have an assignment which is to have a quote or song lyric or somthing and make somthing based on the quote. For exapmle somes quote was "lifes a journey walk it" or somthing and made a foot. Any good ideas?
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^nice but hey im in ceramics. im not helping at all but my friend and i made a two-headed dragon. one half was slash and the other half was dimebag. it had all there signature aspects and their guitars perfectly shaped and everything. so awesome. im gonna post a pic when i take it home.
pick ur fave dead musician (one that died un-naturally, of course) an write 'its better to burn out than to fade away)
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I did a similar project.

I chose the lyric "Hits from the bong," and made a bong. Then my art teacher took it from me and put it in her bag..

What a shock..