This is something I'm looking for probably next year, but I want to see if I can't track down my dream guitar, I have no idea what it looks like, or who makes it So i'm coming to the UG community to help me find my dream guitar... Here goes..

Looking to spend under 1K
I'm looking for a Matte finish only. ( Which Is the biggest problem i'm having atm, finding Matte finished guitars ) I'm open to it having some type of art on it.
Black, or perhaps a very dark blue.... other colors i'm open to, given they are dark..
As far as wood type, i'm not really sure, I play a lot of metallica, and other genre like such... So the best for heavy distortion.
Deffinatley want some type of EMG's to come equipped with it already.
I'd love for the inlays to have some type of design on them.

As far as body style, I'm trying to stray away from a lespaul type body, and flying V's.

Any links/pictures or the name of a type of guitar would really be appreciated.
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schecter hell-raiser tempest. they got it in like black or blood red-esq type stuff...come with emg's...not sure about the other stuff though
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you can custom order one from esp, but i doubt you'll get it under 1k... unless you're talking euros, then you could do it.
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I think Schecter might make guitars like that, not sure about the pickups though.
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Yeah, speaking U.S. $ And i've seen some ESP's with a Matte finish, but they were the AX-50's, and sounded horrible to me when I played em at the local shop.
I hope Matte is the finish i'm "trying" to speak off.... The type of finish that has a rough feel to it. Heh.
ESP ltd Viper 500s. emgs. flat black finish. looks nice

ESP ltd EX-400. Black finish. emgs. U could sand down the black finish with some fine-grain sandpaper.
esp or schecter hellraiser c-1 FR. both are great, i prefer the hellraiser. great looks, huge tone, fast neck, great upper fret access, emg 81/85, original floyd rose (excellent tremolo), gothic cross inlays, comes in black and dark red. i don't know about the finish type, so i'm going on everything else.
How about you just sand the finish off the guitar you buy? You choices would be much more plentiful that way.
ESP Standard Series M-1.

It might be a bit over your cost (maybe 100-200, or less if you buy used), but it's neck-thru, has an EMG 81, is hardtail (which may be a good or bad thing), is matte black, and looks really cool.


Here's one.
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You could check out Carvin, and see about having a Bolt made for under $1000, completly custom, but I don't think you can get them to put emg's in stuff. Nevermind.
Schecter Damien series would suit you perfectly.
But you shouldn't judge a guitar by it's finish (i know its tempting)
And you could get better for the price.
schecter c-1 hellraiser fr, look into esp and jackson slsmg- everything you described.

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you should start wathcing at some shecters,
if you want mate couliyrs you mayebe can try to order a custom
Schecter Demon 6 FR

Schecter's have always been some kickass guitars...... this one is equipped with active Duncan Designed pickups with you be able to deliver the needed punch...... the FloydRose is just cool to have but you can also get it without one......

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MM, yes indeed, the Schecter D-6 looks hot. Now the hard part is finding a place within 100 miles or so to actually be able to play it, i'm not totally into finding my dream guitar based on looks alone.