Well its not in classical waltz time (6/8) but sue me, the concept I can't really tell as its rather personal but lyrics are in the works, though i am still also in a debate given that my other song Black Wedding who is actually alot waltzier than this one should trade names with this one... but anyway enough confusion here's the tab... it's on the death/melodic death 'genre'... I guess... I really enjoyed the harmonies -and riffs, DUH- in this one...
Nightmarish Waltz.zip
lol this song was purely me harmonizing XD I ahrdly ever harmonize/add another guitar track -haha >.< cause for some reason i cant bear to do so cause im newb and i have only been playing guitar for two years - what main riff though :S
I liked it. Riffs were very dark and sounded bit Emperor :P Just add other instruments and I think this really kicks ass.

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I thought that this was more of a collection of good Melo-Death riffs strung together instead of a song. Those were some good riffs IMO but i would work on song structure and add other instruments.
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if you have some tips as how to do that that'd be appreciated i really have no idea nor can i really notice how they're 'tied' together, so to me the strcuture is okay as it is, but the song is not really finished, i just really have no idea about structure and well I really dunno about the other instruments yet but ill try to start experiementing with em sometime -i really have no idea about others to be truthful... just the guitar...-
This is good stuff; I'm not as keen on it as your epic though. I'll come out now and say I'm not a fan of harmonizing, and this kind of drags it down a bit.

Most of the riffs are strong, and the individual sections are OK; however, this doesn't have much unity. It would be cool to hear some kind of recurring motif, and I think the song would really benefit from some kind of unifying melody of some kind.

I'll give this a 7/10 for the good individual sections, but I'm afraid it just drags a little too much for me.
ah I see hm, well xDDD to me the unifying theme is just a dark melody xDDD but yeah I can see some parts where it seems awkward, I think the intro and the riff after that go well together but after that the tempo just increases again and yeah... I need to add some better structure, thanks for the rates though^^