Hi, I just got a Highway One TExas Tele, and I have a TRaynr dg65y or somthing ,like that. I'm looking at a new amp and i have my eyes on a blues deluxe, any recomendations?
Blues Deluxe is a good for cleans. If u need distortion, id say a Peavey or a Crate combo.
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The Blues Deluxe would compliment your Tele's tone nicely. It would really bring out the warm, booming low-end. But, I've heard a few good things about Traynor amps. Is it really worth getting a new amp?
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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...
crate palomino v32 (maybe 50 used)
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oh since i mentioned all those amps do you gig?

if not the Orange Tiny Terror (used ~$500) + $300 for avatar 2 12 cab

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

The Fender Blues Deluxe is one of my favourite amps, so I clearly recommend it. But also consider the Laney VC30, another great amp of the same level I loved when tried it. I'd try both and choose the one you prefer.
It's a bit partial opinion, since Fender and Laney make my favourite amps, but they've well earned that place.
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You can buy anything in Canada, but pretty much all of it will be more expensive. Like, a lot more expensive, plus there's sales tax on it as well. If you can work some 'over-the-border' to get stuff cheaper you could save a lot of money. However you have to live near the border and be crafty at the same time.
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CAn you buy laney and crate in Canada?

lamusic (in mississauga) stores laneys and crate. you might also want to ask your local long and mcquade. im pretty sure they have them in a warehouse or something if theyre not displayed in the store

also, if youre near the border, and you have the means to cross, i suggest you check out some stuff in the US too now that the CDN dollar is doing quite well

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