What amp would you reccomend for me? i dont want to spend any more than 300 US dollars. so far i have been looking at a roland cube 20x and an Orange crush 20 or 30r.
oh and btw i have an AGile tele copy
Since you play reggae type mut sic, I'm going to assume a clean sound is most important to you. If you save up $100 more, you could get a Fender Blues Junior, which is a nice little tube amp. For $40 more, there the Pro Junior, but I haven't played that. Out of the two you mentioned though, the cube.
the valvetronix amps have nice cleans.

but yeah, when i first read the thread title i thought fender cleans. the blues jr. sounds like a great idea.
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Any sort of super-clean amp, like a Fender or a solid state designed for cleans.
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hell, if i was in your situation, i would just buy an orange,

ska + orange =
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Nothing beats a clean fender twin for reggae with an overdrive infront if needed. Great low price Fender = Blues Jr.
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