Hey, everyone. I'm looking to start recording on my laptop, and I need a decent setup. I'd need some type of device I can plug my guitar into the laptop. An audio program for general editing and putting stuff together, too. Is the Line 6 Toneport thing good? It looks pretty good, with all the modeling effects and such. I'd also like some type of drum sampling software so I can lay down some beats..

Keep in mind that I'm 15 and not what you'd call wealthy, something that's not so expensive. Something that would be easy to learn and pick up and such too.

toneport is good to start with
SM57 mic is also good to have but optional
you can start with Audacity for editing and recording software.

also look though the sticky at the top of the page:

Toneport GX - ok for guitar recording but limited on everything else
Toneport UX1 - nice little unit with guitar and mic input so you can record vocals
Toneport UX2 - more inputs than the UX1, phantom power for condenser mics, meters which can be programmed to level a bunch of things.

I suggest the UX1 to start out on
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