Is it good or am I stupid? I plugged in thinking it was a tube amp by the look and it sounded like a tube, but it's a solid state. For the price, I think it sounds great, although I didn't really get to play with it too much to mess around with the settings. Currently I have a Line 6 Spider 2, and I can't really get a deep tone out of it thats clear, yet deep, like a tube amp. The tone is either tinny and clear, or deep and distorted. I liked this amp even though for 70 bucks more you can get an extra speaker. I don't really need that extra speaker because usually anything louder than 15 watts is fine for me. If you really want to know the tone I am looking for precisely, here's a video of freakin' awesome tone:


That's not me, but I found it, and it's great.

This isn't a, "WHICH AMP?!?!LOL" thread or a "I IS RETERDD END I KENT CHOOZ" thread. Tell me if I can get that kind of sound with a crate rfx65
I don't think the Crate will sound like that. How about a 5 watt tube combo, $200?
For the price of that you could just buy a Crate Palomino (for $50 more) or something that will undoubtably sound much better.
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i used to own a rfx65 and it was pretty damn good, compared to other ss'es this is definatly up there. Its great for low volumes, but muddies up easily and the cleans aren't that great
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