well, my brother bought the P90x extreme fitness video and it says it is strongly recomended that you use the recovery drink. I found out the drink has creatine in it, and creatine is just like fake results. It makes your muscles retain water so you look buff until you stop taking it. So i was wondering, is creatine important for muscle recovery, and is 500 mg alot? thanks in advance
It would probably be best to go to GNC and ask those dudes
And 500 mg is quite a bit, but i dont know dosages or anything, but it seems like a quite a bit
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Thats not what creatines desired effects are. Its not 'fake' as you say. Creatine aids recovery and helps you to train at a higher intensity for a longer period of time. Its produced naturally within the body already.

Take the drink if you want. You'll be fine.
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why does everybody confuse creatine with weight gainer?

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Make sure you drink tons of water too. It dehydrates you like crazy. thats why you gain weight is because your supposed to drink so much water.
for all the misconceptions out there, creatine is very effective, but it isn't a miracle, you really have to work hard while on it or you wont get stronger. It allows you to push out a few extra reps and gain strength this way, but you definatley have to put in your part of the deal. The extra water retention in your muscles helps aid recovery and provides more endurance. And also, it doesn't make you fat or gain that much weight, when you stop it you will lose a few pounds of water, nothing else. And also when u stop taking it, the strength gains made while on it stick with you as long as you continue working out, although a slight decrease in muscle "pump" may decrease. Its a great supplement if used properly, I have had great success with it, but do drink lots of water with it.
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But yea creatine may make you bigger, but it dehydrates the hell out of you.

...actually I already posted that in here. Oh well.