I am leaning towards buying these two items. Has anyone had experience with combining these two? I see some people saying that using a multi effects pedal like the gt8 will "kill the tube sound". Is this true? My true love is metal but want to be able to play different styles so I thought this would be a good setup. I see some people saying yes and no in regards to the valveking for the heavier metal so I thought I would be able to solve that with the gt8(along with all the other styles). Besides for volume am I wasting money by buying a tube amp if Im gonna set it up with a quality (gt8) effects unit? Thanks
what cab are you connecting it too?
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But last time I cranked my amp up. A small bird flew by at the same time I did a pinch harmonic.... and it exploded....

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A crate 4x12 cab that is "celeststion equipped". Is a compact cab style.I bought it in 1998. Is it good?(I actually started another thread about my cab) Is that "celestion equipped" just them putting in the worst quality that celestion makes or are they actually good?