hey guys I'm rly sry to ask the pit but u guys are my last hope i dono what 'm gonna do my teacher never explained this **** and i got an assigment due tomorrow wit 6 questions on it. some in the middle i think i can do but im still stuck on the first one. It's for my math for data management class gr 12. Basically prove the 2 formulas for standard deviation equal each other.

God i'm so stupidi can't belive im' in this situation. 10 o clock, sunday night. and it's my first class tomorrow.

i know some ppl ask hw help and it's annoying but i dono what to do i searched google for different words about this subject for like hours and all i could get were these 2 pictures of both equations. but i need like explanations in between. my teacher gave me a hint like he said to start from the left side, so tht's basically the first one up there.
Aww, poor guy. The only advice I could give is get to school early and find someone who has the right answers. Or just BS it.
Oh noes!