This is for you guys that listen to the Liquid Metal station on XM Radio. I've heard this advertisement twice now and I'm wondering if it's real or just fake. It's talking about all these "singles" and what they do. It's along the lines of "[Jenna] is pregnant and loves taking ecstasy. [Emily] is a little bicurious and wonders what it would feel like to be with another girl. [Carrie] just took some heavy acid and thinks she's talking to a tulip. [Daren] doesn't know he shouldn't waster those roofies on [Rachel] since she's so desperate she'll sleep with anyone." I put the []'s around the name because I'm just putting them in there since I don't know the real ones. I laugh like hell every time I hear it and want to know if it's real.
If morning's a bitch with open arms, night's a girl who's gone too far.