i never had a day-long[8hrs?] practice since im still going to school...
so, you guys who practice 8hours a day, what is your routine?
specifically, what is the "technique"-practice routine you follow?
or you may answer the question "how should i spend my 8 hours with my guitar? no other people."

i may have time this weekend so i guess ill give the 8hour practice a try...

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well the way that i have a super long practice sesh isnt really structered...i just practice techniques like alternate and sweep picking on my electric...and switch between styles from electric to acoustic...i play different types of music (indie to metal) so i try to not get stuck in just one style...also try to perfect and find different techniques...also you sould practice with a metronome...but i seldom do....it will probobly help if you wanna become the next great shred god...but if your like me...u just wanna be alble to shred good enough for your liking.....basically its probobly better to structure you session...but just mess arround and have fun
Usually I do:

Warm-Up - 10 minutes
Alternate Picking - 1 hour
Hammer-Ons/Pull-Offs - 1 hour
Sweep Picking - 1 hour
Tapping - 1 hour
Study Theory - 1 hour
Fun Jam/Write Songs/Learn Songs - 1-2 hours

Usually adds up to 6-7 hours, however, sometimes I'll devote an extra hour to technical stuff, making it eight.
Yeah. I wish I had that kind of time.
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Make a list the night before of what you hope to achieve out of the next session and what you must do to get there.
This is what I do Mon. - Fri.

Scales and Modes - 1 Hour
Ear Training - 30 Minutes
Sweep Picking - 1 Hour
Tapping - 1 Hour

I have breaks every now and then in between them, but I just start really, really slow until I have it perfectly clean. Then I use a metronome and slowly take it up. I'm just starting this too, so i'll be adding on exercises and such. But you should really just focus on what you want to learn to do.
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If you are going to spend 8 hours practicing, make sure you get a good warm-up in. I would say spend at least 20 minutes warming up. Do about 5 minutes of just stretching your fingers and wrists before actually picking up your instrument. Then, do a few exercises at a comfortable speed to get you fingers and picking hands warmed up. The rest of my practice session goes something like this:

1 Hour: Alternate Picking
30 Min: Legato
30 Min: Sweep Picking
1 Hour: Theory


2 Hours: Transcribing, Composition, Learning whatever songs I feel like practicing.

When I don't have 8 hours, I just skip the repeat and only spend as much time as I can transcribing, composing and learning songs.
Illl generally try and do 5 hours of classical practice, have something to eat, do an hour of singing practice, and then atleast 2 hours of shred practice....
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wow...i only practice like 2 hours a day.i just dont have the time.i wish i had the time
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long practice sessions are not necessary. 10-15 minutes of concentrated focus on each technique every day is enough.

and i stress concentrated focus.

i only practice when i feel i am concentrating. practicing while watching tv isn't really productive.

only practice when you know you are 100% focused. that means, no computer, no tv.

the only way a computer may be useful is listening to music and transcribing.

also, when practicing, you want to practice without backing tracks. i feel practicing with a backtrack isn't very good. a lot of players start to depend on the back track to guide them, if someone were to stop the track in the middle of playing, a lot of players would lose the feel and the pocket.

so it is best to practice without a backing track, and really focus on making yourself sound good and on time. if you can do it without a back track, then you can do it with any back track you want.

also when you practice, try this. on the EQ of your amp, set the treble all the way up, the middle around half way, and the bass on 0. try to use a strat bridge or bridge/middle pickup. but if you can't any guitar bridge pickup will worlk, and practice with a clean setting. do not use effects, no reverb, no overdrive.

work on making yourself sound good, it helps.

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