do you guys think kerry king deserves a signature amp from marshall? i think theyre pretty exclusive with their signatures so what are your thoughts?i think it sounds pretty cool, like a hot rodded jcm 800.
He's been with them forever and Slayer is a pretty big marketing point so yes, he should deserve one.
i think jeff hanneman deserves his own sig amp

but im just a hanneman fanboy

i think kerrys alright
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kerry is more of a celebrity than a god-like guitar player...
i like slayer but i personally dont like kerry's solos...

yes, for marketing's sake, he "deserves" a sig amp...
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I love Hanneman, he's the quieter one out of the bunch, but on topic, I believe he does deserve one, 20 some odd years of playing his ass off, let alone Slayer has influenced a lot of modern metal bands along side Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, etc...He was in one of the fastest bands in the world (for its time) and along side Jeff, he's laid groundwork for modern heavy metal, so yes I personally think he's worthy....but why do we care? its not us receiving that signature amp, so its whatever with me.
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