Okay, so I modded a boss dyna-drive pedal I got so that it works, but if you flip a secret switch, you can watch in glee as your friend tries it out, then his electronics melt, and the pickups sound off like an explosion, flying out of their sockets! The first time I tried this on my friend I nearly crapped myself with laughter. Just recently, I gave it to a guy right before he gigged, and I watched his custom shop les paul blow to pieces, and he didn't bring a backup! Haa!
are you really this bored?
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this made me laugh, i dont think thats possible, lol
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you're an asshole
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pics or it didn't happen
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Id actually like a video, explaining the switch, how you modded it, and the effects, witrh full sound. Im calling the BS for now and that you're a cruel bastard.
u can just put a small bomb inside the enclosure... and a switch on the outside.
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