Hi! I'm looking to start up an online band. I already have 2 guitarists (me and pAmpH) and a drummer (pAmph). Now we need a bassist. We are willing to play rock and metal.

If you want to be our bassist you must have these things
Be able to play bass (you dont have to be good, we can chose a song with an easy bass part)
Be able to record your playing

In your post, please include these things
How long you have played bass (if this doesn't show your ability, what is the hardest song you can play)
What country you come from (this is so we can work out if we would be able to talk to you on msn, because of timezones)
What type of music you want to play (you can give some bands as examples if you want)
what are these online bands anyway?
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I can record, but the quality is really crappy. I think you have my MSN, but its corrylb19@hotmail.com if you dont. I've been playing bass for about 4 months, i just got Have a nice day down today. I like most rock and some metal, And as far as time zone, eastern US
Cashewchaching, an online band is where people work together over the internet to make songs, or cover songs. What you do is record your playing, then everyone else does that. Then you all send it to 1 person who has the software to combine it, and then you put the parts together. Then you have your song.
Id like to collaborate with you on this, But I couldn't be a full time bassist, as I have limited access to recording materials. Id like to hear what you have recorded, then maybe I could try and lay something down with it. I have been playing bass on and off for about 6 years, I love Metal, Doom Grind, Death and stuff like that.

If your interested I could Mix it for you, or produce it, I'm pretty good at that.
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i want an online band!! lol
since people ive tried to play live never show up for practice or just bail out.

I'm not sure if you guys have found anything yet but I would be interested in trying

I've been playing bass for 5 years now
I can record
I'm from the central USA
I listen to pretty much anything except country/rap. Other bands I've been in have been metal bands.

My MSN is odin_138@hotmail.com
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i wouldnt mind collaborating. ill get msn now. lol
i can record.
i have been playing guitar and bass for five years...im better at bass then my bassist is. lol
i live in northumberland pa. usa...
i play anything. i love metal and rock and blues...but i also like the feel of playing funk and jazz.
im open minded and ill work with anyone!