Ok, you go out, and take the time to properly set up your strat so it stays in tune well, and you have fun whanging on the thing like its a floyd, and adding little tricks in your lead parts, but what songs are coverable that use such a whammy bar?

most players who use the trem bar opt for a locking/floating system, one that can bend down further/easier (I gotta keep mine tight to stay in tune, but I can still use it).

I wanna try some Van Halen stuff -- but does he use insanely deep dives or up-bends? if not thats a possibility. What about other stuff? any tabs you could point me to?

and, BTW, my trem does stay in tune. Very well actually, although I need new springs before I can set it up to do up bends (my current springs can't keep in tune when I loosen them, not strong enough.) But right now its perfect for dives.

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van halen does both. but on the first cd he used a guitar with a fender trem anyways so you should have no problem with that.
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You can do some Alice in Chains tricks. At the end of Nutshell is what I'm talking about.
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i thought EVH's strat was only routefd for divebombs, and not pull ups, so ou should me right with his stuff
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