(Sorry about the title, didn't know how else to say it.)

We all know what the Hofner violin bass looks like, right. One McCartney used and stuff?

Well, I've been seeing guitars shaped like that on occasion, and I keep thinking how cool it would be to have one of those.

So, well, does anyone know of specific brands that made guitars like that? Any still being made? Any sites that could help me with this, with info and such?

Yeah, I just think they're kinda cool. Any help is greatly appreciated
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paul mccartney? u might be talking about the gibson casino

hes talking about the famous hofner 1964 (i think) violin bass.
paul gilbert has one, but it is one of the ugliest things ive ever laid eyes on
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paul gilbert has a guitar kinda like that.

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I saw one that looked just like it once, I almost bought it but I decided it was a bad idea

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I think Teisco made one in the late 60's or early 70's. MIJ. Haven't seen one since. I wouldn't mind having a violin style guitar myself. Used to have an old Hofner bass.
One of the guys at the Building and costumizing forum is building something like that.
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Reason I ask is that I've seen a couple on eBay in my search for a guitar. Never quite the same one.

I think I've seen the Teisco one on there (maybe it was a bass by them), but then also at least one other type. And then one other I think I remember.....

paul mccartney? u might be talking about the gibson casino

Not quite. (though I AM interested in getting one of those eventually.) It's an Epiphone: the Gibson 330 (I think) it was based on stopped production decades ago, due to the Epiphone version having the whole John Lennon connection....
I used to have the Gibson 330. Wish I had kept it, but at the time (1970's) I didn't have any use for a guitar you couldn't crank up with distortion. You know, the Gibson being a full hollowbody and all. Uncontrollable feedback.
Well, now I'm curious. Gibson being superior to Epiphone has always been the standard. Was the 330 any better than the Casino?
I bought the 330 used. The neck was good, fretwork was ok. Quality very good. I was a little nooby back then so I really can't address the sound. I hated it because it was a full hollowbody and thus for me a feedback monster. Haven't played a Casino.
Don't Hofner still make the Violins and Clubs?
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Don't Hofner still make the Violins and Clubs?

they do yes, you can get the violin bass (called the 500/1) on thomann.de, you can get one for about £380, or the '63 version for £1000...
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You can buy them from Brandoni Guitars in the UK.
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Yeah, they still make the basses. Rogue makes a cheaper version, apparently with a violin-shape headstock, and Hofner makes several versions at different price levels. Never heard of the Epiphone version, but I just saw it on eBay so yeah, they make one too.
Mind giving a link? I looked around, couldn't find anything on it.