does anyone know of more songs that have similar types of progressions that are like "taking care of no business" by jimi hendrix or "no body knows you when you're down and out" by jimmy cox (made popular by eric clapton) or "sanfransisco bay blues" also done by clapton but im not sure who wrote it. they have a cool old time feel to them and i wish i knew more songs like these or how to at least make these kinds of songs.
I dont know about the jimi hendrix song but the other 2 are just major triad songs. 3 chords in a I IV V progression. When I play a song like sanfransisco bay blues I like to play it in all 7ths. Sweet home chicago is another really popular song like these. Play E7 A7 B7. If you like Clapton alot try Before you acuse me in E. You can move that progression to the key of G and play Mayblene by chuck berry.
Almost any old blues song can be played over a triad chord progression, from st louis blues or route 66 to classic rock like sweet home alabama( played over D C G) or old country Folsom Prison Blues (originally in F but most people play it in E)
Hope that helps or at least gives you some ideas.
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