I heard one being played the other day and it sounded very nice. Before then I had never heard one or even seen one at all, but now I'm interested. What can UG tell me about acoustic bass guitars? And would it be silly for one to start learning on an acoustic bass, having had no previous experience on a bass guitar before?
no it wouldnt be silly, most people start learning guitar on an acoustic, so why not bass?
but they sound good if you get a good one, like every gutiar, but ive had a problem with fret buzz on acoustic bass. thats by only crit.
personally i own one and im not really impressed. if your gonna go acoustic go fretless acoustic, awesome tone to those
now that my friend is a question i have pondered for a while. And I made up my mind that an electric one would probs be better. You can get a better setup for the same price. And in a setting with other instruments, specifically drums or electric guitars, your gunna need to amp the acoustic bass or plug into a PA anyway, cos otherwise it's too quiet, so if your gunna need some form of amplification anyway, just get an electric, probs be able to get a better quality one...

I solved my problem by deciding that i couldnt afford normal guitars let alone basses, and that i didnt really want to learn to play, it just seemed like the natural extension of playing guitar
There are only a very few ABG's that are worth the money, most do not have any volume to them at all, if you want to play unplugged with a few mates on acoustics don't hope to be heard. It's really better to start on an electric because as johnos said, you can get a better setup for the same price.
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Thanks for tuning in.

So you're telling me that even if everything else is unplugged (the whole set is being played acoustic and other non-electronic instruments), an acoustic bass cannot be heard? Then what the hell is the point?

I just figured that if I were to begin bass as I so desire, it would be nice for it to be acoustic so that I could play it unplugged and whatnot, although at the same time if I were to do some backup at a gig I could plug in. I also just prefer the sound of acoustics as opposed to electrics. Bah.

Johnos you're correct about the natural extension of playing guitar, I'm really not too serious about it either. I wouldn't purchase one without playing around a bit first which I'll still probably go out and do. But thanks to you all I'll take some more careful consideration now.
Good luck mate, maybe go ask over at the bass forums as well. I'm sure they will say the same, and they will also be able to direct you towards some guitars and amps to look at, and give you some advice as a guitar player going to bass. Just tread carefully, those bass played are a strange breed lol