Hmmmm. I actually like it, its really really good. Nice progression, maybe a bit cliche in the words, but meh, that doesn't really matter that much. the melody is great, Love the tones on everything, great voice, those drums sound good. Maybe you have a bit too much reverb on the vocals in the beginning that is, it kinda takes away from the feeling of the words. I was waiting for the solo, so far I like the way it came in, the tone is pretty good, I would have gone with something a little warmer, with a little bit of dirtiness. But it was good. I like this song, I think it could be a hit. Was that a drum program you used, if so, you gotta let me know which one it was. Thanks for the crit on my song. This was very good stuff. keep at it.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
so far, your voice is great and i really like it. very catchy...
i cant really crit anything negatively man, its very good. i could hear a piano in the song.

the left side electric could prob use a little less gain to make the notes more audible. not a bad solo.

overall B+ man. its very good!
\M/ b4br4d \M/