hey all

just started learnin unholy confesions and was wondering for the intro should i be using alternate picking ie up down up down? also has any one got tips on how to mute the open d string each time cause i cant play it that quick at the mo
cheers al
practice. i dont use alternate picking for it...but i just practice that stuff a ton. eventually you will get it down though
Downstrokes on the open D and upstrokes on the A string. And its just a standard palm mute. Its pretty simple. You'll pick it up.
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hey thanks for the guys. should i be muting the d string all the time or lifting wen i play the a string?

when i play it i use all down strokes and lift my hand a little when i play the A string since i cant keep my hand there without muting it.

its all personal preference though dude.
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yeah i use alt picking i start out down picking the d and a and then up pick the d and down the a.
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