(soft and slow)(CHORUS)
you're hands feel cold and lifeless, yet i can fall asleep in your touch.
you're eyes seem red and threatening, yet you don't seem to think too much.
you're always popping and shooting when my face is turned.
after all these years i thought you'd 've learned.
(complete change in volume and it begins too rock)

you always did seem too weak
you always did seem so unaware of everything
you always did seem to ask me "please"
you always took forgiveness to an extreme

(softer, like begining)
take me back in time
before this blew us apart
take me back to then


(possible bridge)
learning lessons isn't too hard (repeated)


I wrote this of the top of my head after i opened this window, so sorry if it isn't that great. I had in my head going back and forth different layers of music and voice volumes and different patterns with a couple of parts. Please comment.