Metalcore is NOT one of of my favorite genres. A lot of it is just too recycled and tedious for me.

But I love Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, and Bring Me the Horizon. A few more as well, but those REALLY stand out for me.

NOTE: This type of thread is kind of hard to search, and I don't recall seeing this type of thread for quite some time. I know there has been a thread like it, but it was a long time ago. I can't remember what it was called, either. =/
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I really like As Blood Runs Black, and I'm not a Hardcore/Deathcore/AnythingCore kinda guy.
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i wish more people would be like this, but most of the time if they dont like the certain type of music genre they'll shut the band down without listening
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i wish more people would be like this, but most of the time if they dont like the certain type of music genre they'll shut the band down without listening

+1. you don't need to like the music, just ****ing appreciate the talent of the people playing it.
I really dislike rap and techno in general as genres.

But i like Fast Crew and DJ Tiesto, i have no idea why.
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i like some of my chemical romance and some of fall out boy, but i dont like emo stuff at all, or new wave pop/rock stuff, if they arent emo anymore whatever.
I don't like Hip Hop and Rap since it just isn't as good as it used to be, but I still like some people like GZA and Common.

I also don't really like Rock, but Coheed and Cambria are just good.
i like afi and 30 seconds to mars, i dont really like any other music out of the same genre like emo bull**** and tryhardcore
Pop-punk: Head Automatica, mainly because Daryl Palumbo is one of my gods.
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Yea Id consider Jimmy Eat World a bit of a guilty pleasure. I dont care too much for Pop Punk sorta stuff. I dont like NuMetal all that much either, but I can enjoy System of a Down. Oh yea and I really love old Dashboard Confessional, with all its acoustic emo and angst, but I really cant stand his newer Power Pop stuff. And I hate hate hate rap, but could listen to Weird Al's White n Nerdy all day hahaha that doesnt really count as rap... oh well. So yea that about does it.
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My least favorite genre would probably be country. But I don't have a favorite band or artist from the genre.

And don't say Johnny Cash. He's one of the reasons I don't like the genre.
I don't really like R 'n' B but I enjoy that song "Beautiful Girls"
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my least fave genre is prolly pop-punk. but i love the offspring and weezer. go figger
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im not into metal either, but i love underoath and bullet for my valentine.

underoath is not metal, at all, at least not anymore, but i seriously doubt that your talking about their original CDs that are even being made anymore
I love Alter Bridge and Shinedown, but I hate all other types of rock.

I'm more of an Indie/Alternative guy.
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waylon is better imo

well waylon comes from a different generation, that was a different form of country. i should have said i hate "modern" country.
i don't even consider the "modern" stuff country, it's more rock and roll each day, the stuff thats now known as "classic" is real country, and thats the stuff i like
modern country is like the soap opera of music. Its played by incredibly fake pretty people.
The prodigy and Kraftwork. I hate most electronic music but these 2 bands are genius.
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The Killers in Pop, if they are Pop? (which im guessing they are).

I'm not big on House (or much Electronic stuff) but I love Daft Punk.
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I'm not big on House (or much Electronic stuff) but I love Daft Punk.

Who doesn't?
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Who doesn't?

True but when I mean I love them I mean I love ALL their stuff.
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