Yeah, I've been looking for instruments to accent my musical style (modern variation of the psychadelic stuff of the late 60s), and though I've got access to a decent quality keyboard, I'm interested in getting an old organ of some sort.

So I start looking for a Farfisa.

Uh, what are the odds of me actually, you know, finding one of these guys? A Compact Duo, especially?

Would love to have one, early Pink Floyd sound and such.....

Anyone here own one, maybe? Feel like giving a little mini-review?

(if this is wrong board, I'm sorry. Didn't know where else to put it.)
I hear ya. I want to make psychadelic music but more heavy. Psychelic Heavy Metal with an organ is what Ive been thinking.
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Wrong board, but I'm a vintage synth collector.. so I'll reply.

I can tell you right now that any keyboard released prior to 1991 are becoming incredibly difficult to find. You are lucky if you even find one in decent condition. Here are my recommendations:

1. Check local pawn shops and thrift stores. Believe it or not, you can find synths at thrift stores by chance. A few weeks ago... I picked up a Fender Rhodes at one for $60.

2. There is probably a vintage synth collector in your area or a studio that may have that particular gear.

3. There are also high-quality samples of the Farfisa available for download if you have a good sampling program.

4. There's always eBay, however be prepared to spend $100+ on shipping.

5. There are probably some websites out there dedicated to the Farfisa or similiar organs. They may a "For Sale" listings page.
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I found me a Hammond VS-300 organ for $200 in the local paper classifieds. Two manuals, octave pedalboard, and a rhythm section (not that I use it.)

Never heard of Farfisa though...
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The Nord synth/organ does a wonderful job of recreating these sounds, but the huge downside is that they aren't cheap.