Okay, so after a little research, let-downs, playing and other chaos, I have finally brought my search for a new bass to Fender... previously, I had asked about the Epiphone Thunderbird, but I have given up on it... so, now I have four new Fender basses that I want feedback on! Also, where as I am willing to pay for the amount that each bass is, I don't want it to be a huge factor in your advice... however, do work it in somewhat:

in black or Sunburst (probably black)
in black
In black
In black or sunburst (probably black)

Also, If I get the Aerodyne, I might want to put these in it:

Any comments on those pickups would be great also!

As of now, I think I want the basses in this order:
-Highway One Jazz
-Standard Jazz
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I may be the minority here, but I hated the Jaguar when I tried it, no matter what I did with those active electronics it sounded hollow and bad to me, seemed to produce less diversity than the passive pickups on a J-bass! Personally I would steer clear, but maybe I just tried a lemon, if you find one you like by all means get it.

Any of the jazz basses will be more comfy than the jaguar (though the jag does look awesome) I haven't tried the aerodyne but always thought it looked remarkable and I like the p/j p-up combo.

The highway one jazz will probably handle a bit more smoothly than the MIM, so if you're really considering it, don't even bother considering the MIM, why settle for an inferior feeling instrument?

There's also an aerodyne p-bass that you can check out of you're interested. It looks like a p-bass but obviously has it's own touches, and it has the p/j pup combination as well.
Out of those I would definitely go for the HW1. It's a better built bass all-round really and sounds and feels great too.
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if it was me personally i would go with aerogadyne jazz bass just something about it well it's mainly the looks tho, i would actually probably get the Jag. i'm asumeing you want a more "traditional" sound because you are not opting for the deluxe that has active electionics. (except the jag)

the highway 1 is a nice jazz bass too has a nice feel to it and comes stock woth a leo Quan badass so i think out of those it is the better bass.

about the pickups they are VERY nice pickups they have a very hot sound so they are on the modern side. they probably are the hottest passives available. they sound great and is a very huge and hi-fi. i was going to get those pickups but my friend that used to work aaat guitarcenter gave me the set of EMG P pickups for free. i like the EMGs better but i think those are a close 2nd.
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Highway 1, but thats probably because Ive been GASing over it for about 6 months now...
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Highway 1 or Aerodyne. It's a very difficult choice though. Maybe you should put up a poll?
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