Which electric Guitar should I choose?
I want a great electric Guitar. I will most likely use a 20 or 25 watt AMP
My type of music is all exept classical and blues. I mainly like HILLSONG.

thanks guys!

+ What's the price of the Ibanez & what's the price of the Fender???

'Cause I know a guy @ my church (CityLife Church) who uses the Ibanez on his
BOSS GT-6 Multi effects pedal & it sound the EXACT same as the Hillsong dudes sound....
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OK, first of all, don't call it an eGuitar. No-one calls it an eGuitar, anywhere, ever.

I can't speak for the Ibanez guitars, but a Standard Stratocaster (Made in Mexico) should put you back about $450-500US max. A Made in the USA Strat will go for about a grand.
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If your choosing between the two Ibanez guitars, go for the RG320.

When deciding between the Fender and the Ibanez it's going to be preference. The Fender will probably have three single coils, where as the Ibanez has humbuckers. Also, the Ibanez has 24 frets, versus the Fender's 22 or 21.

Depending on which Fender you get the price will be going from lowest to highest: GRG170DX > RG320 > Fender Strat

There is one last thing though, how badly do you want a trem? I'd personally recommend the RG321, because it's a hardtail. The bridge on the Fender can easily be blocked, but this is a bit more difficult with a floating bridge.

So in summary, try the RG321 and a Fender of your choice (in your price range) and see which one you like best.

This will give you an idea of the price:


Ibanez RG321:

Ibanez GRG170DX:

Ibanez RG370DX (comparable to the 320):
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No, Standard Strat>RG350. Mostly because of the Edge III, but the overall quality of the Fender is a little better.

What's your budget, and what amp are you using?

I think you misread my post, I meant the Fender was more expensive than the Ibanez, but it didn't have anything to do with the quality.
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