So a couple months back I bought a DD-20. I'm digging all the sounds as far as the delays but the loop is driving me crazy. I've been trying to use it with my band for the past couple months but I can't get the thing set up and in time because its always .05 seconds off, which adds up after a couple of bars. The foot switch with it is really unpredictable and sometimes it will chop off part of what I'm trying to record. Not the mention the inconsistency of is driving me insane in live situations. It's getting to the point where I honestly want to throw the thing off a bridge and forget I even brought a song with 2 layers to the table, despite the fact that I really like it.

So my question is would a RC-20, Jam Man or whatever other loopers are out there help me out with this? Or is this just something I need to suck up and deal with as far as loop pedals are concerned?

Oh yeah it's not the bassist or the drummer I can guarantee that one.
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Well, I own a DD-20 and an RC-20XL. I don't take the RC-20 to gigs with me. It's a lot easier to get the right time on the DD-20, for me. And I usually keep it on the loop mode and not use it as a delay, cause I use a DD-6 and a DMM too, which is more than what I need. The RC-20 occasionally lags on me, for some reason.

I strongly recommend a Headrush.
These go to eleven...
Trade it in for a Line 6 DL4 me laddo.
Theyre like the main competition to the DD-20. I got one over the DD-20 and its perfect. Does exactly what it says on the tin/box whatever.

Jim, I like your Ghetto Strat
damn i thought i was going to see pics of a pedal in flames

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yeah the reason I went with the DD-20 over the Line 6 was that I heard they have a lot of reliability issues, and $200+ gear breaking down scared me off.

I'll check out the akai but I'm pretty sure none of the stores around here carry it.

any other suggestions?