Hey all,

The main question I want to ask is what songs in your opinion are good to learn or maybe even considered 'essential' to learn to become a better guitarist? I have been playing for less than a year but never really sat down and learnt any songs fully. I really have just picked bits and pieces out of songs I like and learnt them here and there.

So thought it'd be a good idea to just start at the basics and make sure I actually have them correct. So any songs that help with chords, fingering, some fairly simple solos would be handy.

My music taste is over a broad range, mainly encompassing alternative, hard rock, metal and grunge, but I do really like the classic rock like zeppelin and very slightly into the blues with hendrix. So songs under those categories would be nice, but any suggestions at all is helpful.

And if you really want to be a massive help then you could direct me to a correct tab version for the song as well. That would be really appreciated but I can find them myself so only if you want to