Poll: Which is the Best ELECTRIC GUITAR for Hillsong & all other music???
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View poll results: Which is the Best ELECTRIC GUITAR for Hillsong & all other music???
Ibanez RG320
3 30%
Ibanez RG170DX
0 0%
Fender Stratocaster
7 70%
0 0%
Voters: 10.
Ibanez RG320 vs. Ibanez RG170DX vs. Fender Stratocaster


Which eGuitar should I choose?
I want a great eGuitar. I will most likely use a 20 or 25 watt AMP
My type of music is all exept classical and blues. I mainly like HILLSONG.

thanks guys!

+ What's the price of the Ibanez & what's the price of the Fender???

'Cause I know a guy @ my church (CityLife Church) who uses the Ibanez on his
BOSS GT-6 Multi effects pedal & it sound the EXACT same as the Hillsong dudes sound....
this is your 3rd thread on a similar topic. maybe you shouldve just used your old thread and just said whatever you want there.

if it was me choosing, id take the strat. but the best thing you can do is try the guitar on the store yourself. try it on an amp similar to yours, then afterwards, try it with the pedals youll be using.

get whichever sounds good to you and most importantly, feels the best for you.

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Strat is probably more versatile. Go with the Strat.

What's your price range?

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WTF is hillsong?
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