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Alright guys, lets get a group of us together and form a clan or something, for a lot of fun for when Halo 3 is released tomorrow (or Wednesday in Europe). We can do some co-op/matchmaking/customs/whatever.

Leave your gamertag in this thread, and I'll update it with the list of what we've got.

Oh, and let me make this clear first. No one gives a flying **** whether you don't like Halo, whether you think that it's average at best, if you're not gonna buy it because it sucks, whether there are so many other games out or whatever. Don't waste your own time posting it and our time reading it. That said, I am fully aware that some of you will post those exact things I've mentioned just to make a 'hilarious,' post. Sorry if that makes me sound like an asshole, but oh well. Don't post if you're not contributing anything useful to the topic.

This thread is about gamertags for playing it. Thank you.

My gamertags:
GT 1 - Enjerica
GT 2 - Steve The Piank (watch out for the 'i' in 'plank')

UG Gamertags:
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I don't know what I was thinking when I made my GT, but whatever.

Hit me up, I consider myself above average.

and soon to be

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see yall at midnight...central time
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My month-free Xbox Live subscription ran out yesterday.
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Im getting the game, but not tommorow or for another month since my xbox is dead. =/
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Osiris7837 I don't think I'm getting it on release day but soon probably after I get paid friday.
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lefty151, unfortunately my left-handed roommate is the one who owns the 360 so he named the account...

although my xbox is away at the repair shop again, halo will be arriving on launch and ill have nothing to play it on but add me anyways and ill dismantle you when im back on even without having played it before

Noonster III

I probs won't join a clan, but i'd be happy to play a few games with other members.

And Nelsean get your goddamn Xbox fixed, lol. I accepted your friend request ages ago and we still haven't had a game.
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cant fookin gonna sleep outside the store in the morning...sadness ftw!
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Going to gamestop at 8 tonight and wait for the midnight release
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Currently playing Halo 2. Owning snipers, but get A LOT of de-rankers in slayer.

(European) We gotta wait till 26!!!!
Aww well, i'll give you N. Americans a head start.
If anyone wants to team up for co-op let me know. Im not going to be playing live ranked until i do heroic/legendary campaign.

note, probably changing gamertag to a more original name
Will update later.
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I'm gonna have to do some house cleaning on my friends list. I only have 3 empty spots.
Brian Destiny

Should get it when I get some moolah, might take a while though.

Meanwhile, whos up for GRAW
Quote by Steve The Plank
I'm up for some Halo 2 if anyone wants to play ^^ :P

I guess I could play a couple rounds if you feel like doing SWAT or something. Just send me a friend invite and I'll be on in a few.
you have live? should have told me you noob

Edit: To Martin, also its here on wednesday lad
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you have live? should have told me you noob

Edit: To Martin, also its here on wednesday lad

It doesn't get here till Friday
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Ah ha! It was you who added me.

Sorry I didn'y accept my live ran out
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but i dont do clans. thats way to nerdy. you can all add me as a friend but im not doing clan matches.
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