Alright, well I just got a new guitar, a fender fat strat and I must say I ****ing love it. Anyway, Sunny Black Clovers is a side project I am doing aside form my band. I love chilled music, mellow music, relaxing music, and sing along music, which is the complete opposite of my band. So yeah, this is my side project in the progress, Sunny Black Clovers or The Cloves for short. So far consists of just me. And here is one of the first tracks entitle "La-Di-Da Love" the lyrics are posted in the lyric forum somewhere. C4C anytime!!


anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
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dmusic doesn't work for me :/

If you upload it to purevolume or something like that I'll crit it.
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I'm really liking the intro, cool progression, great groove. I like the chorus quite alot as well.
Well done on the solo at the end, really very nice work.
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