My brother just started playing bagpipes a month ago, and he's getting pretty good pretty fast. But he's running out of music. And I thought, we have some people here who know about music (and some who don't), so I'll ask them.

Is there any place to get bagpipe sheet music or tabs for free? A UG for bagpipes of sorts?

And I know that lots of people don't like the sound of the bagpipe, so you can skip those comments, and I know they're difficult to play and very loud and it's funny if you're not Scottish (we're American) and all that. I just need to know about the music.

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uhh, i think for a specialist instrument like that; you're buggered. I've always found it dificult to find sheet music online mainly because of the whole "licencing" issues. I'm sure you can get some sheet music for likw $10-15 though.
I assume it'd all be in the treble cleff, so just use guitar sheets.
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