I have become extremely interested in this model recently, playing it in various guitar shops around the country. However this can only give me a feel for the sound and not long term use.

If anyone has had this guitar in the past, what are your experiences with it, and most importantly do you recommend it?

My Music Style is Rock/Gothic/Punk. Yes. Not the most ideal for Rock and Punk, but surely a guitar is good for whatever as long as it feels right with you.

If you can recommend anything better for around £280 then please be my guest.
i have the SG goth.

My suggestion to you is to not get the les paul studio because its a studio, you might like it but yeah.

To be honest though, I love my SG. I have a jackson d2k and Maybe im not used to it, but i still love the SG. The fatter necks are smoother to play it, the matt finish is awesome.

I hate the Les Paul goth because its a studio, the body is smaller than most les paul's and it basically looks like a toy.

Les Paul Standard, looks way better in person than in pictures and SGs.. g400s.. My recommendation