Hey, ahh, ive heard heaps about the elixer strings and tried them out. I reckon they are awesome; they last for ages, feel good and sound pretty decent too, but what i dont really get is why they arent the best string on the market (or so ive heard) in my opinion they have it all, and last so long but am i missing something? THanks
I am a big fan of Elixir strings, and I don't see any downsides with them. However, there is no such thing as "the best string on the market," it all comes down to personal preference.
what type of strings are u using for the electric guitar, (models...gauges, tension) etc...ive never used elixer's but wud love to give them a try
they're called elixir custom lights, gauges .09 or so to around .46 i think :S its real trippy but i love playing on it. i play with a maton ms2000 (perhaps the sweetest guitar in the world ) and i reckon its just rocking. I thought with the "light" guage it'd be horrid for heavier stuff but nah, handles it realy well. and solos, you can just fly