basically i went to a guitar fair this week, and i always wanted a strat or les paul or something like that. i dont know why but they just always seemd to really appeal to me, but i played a few, a reissue lp and a 57 strat but i hated both of them, i just didn't like the necks on either (for different reasons) on the other hnd tho, i never liked sg's but i tried a gibson sg standard and thought it was good.

have u ever really liked a guitar and then hated it when you played it or vice versa?
I always loved the way LP's look, But i tried one out and it was the worst thing i had EVER played.

I always thought that Strats were way too generic but i ended up with a 1962 strat and i have never looked back.
I agree with the PRS , beautiful looking guitar and killer tone but it just really doesn't feel right at all. Les Pauls all the way for this guitarist.
EDIT: Any Ibanez. Don't know why, there's just something about them.

And this isn't exatly the same, but I've always loved the look and the feel of a superstrat type guitar (except for Ibanez), but after getting my first ML shaped guitar, it almost like I could never see myself playing anything else, even though the superstart used to be my favourite, the ml just fits me perfectly.
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The Variax lol.
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Yeah, I never liked strats, and like Aldente, I thought they were too generic, but when i borrowed one, i fell in love with it, and i decided to get one for myself.
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for my birthday this year (november), all i've wanted since last year was a gibson les paul classic.

i played one for like 5 mins the other week, and i didnt really like it. i mean, i loved the neck, but i found it really hard to get to the higher frets. my SG has like the two holes for my fingers, and when i go up, i can still put my thumb around the neck if i feel like it, but with a lp, you cant....

i think i'll still get one though. i just love em...
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I discovered something about me recently. I happen to love Les Pauls and Strats alike it seems. I primarily have been and will be playing my LP, but lately, when I play a Hendrix solo or something, I just unplug the LP, and plug the Strat in. Usually, I don't end up unplugging the strat, partly in due to laziness, partly because I simply like the instrument.

Overall, I'd have to go with a LP primarily, but man, IMO a guitar is a guitar. An awesome instrument, no matter who makes it.
I've tried Les Paul's and various Ibanez's and I just didn't like any of them at all. I'm definitely a strat person.
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I hate the Les Paul. I wanted to like it.. But it was too bassy, too heavy, the neck was lame..

I hated everything about it.
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Les Pauls, I played the best of the best (58 Blonde Gibson Custom) and it was clunky and felt awkward.
I'd go for a Strat, LC7 or Ibanez anyday.
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This is why I would never buy a guitar over the internet. I always have to try it out first.
yesterday, guitarcenter, Dime Razorback, the one with the flames for $1000, i hated it. i then picked up a white Gibson Explorer and fell in love with it. . i thought the dimebucker would have been bitchin in it, but no.

Gibson Explorer>Dime Razorback
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Fender strats. One of my hero's is Ritchie Blackmore so I really wanted to play a strat but I just cannot get a good feel for the neck. I find them to flat, if that makes any sense, compared to the necks on epi's and gibsons. I am alright with most other brands that I ahve played around with, like schecter, but just cannot get into strats.
I used to think I wanted a Les Paul, then I tried a few over time. Didn't like the neck, the weight, and the way it feels when you sit with the guitar.
And any Flying V guitar. Randy Rhoads is one of my favorite guitar players, but I just can't play a V.
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I was going to get a Tanglewood acoustic a while back and it played well and it sounded great, but it had that glossy finish. I hate it when acoustics have that. However, it led me to my Martin and I can't say I'm disappointed.