i dont see any bolts between the pick ups dude...there is a screw inbetween them holding the pickguard down... what are u talking about?
crap , forgot to edit , i meant screw , the usual has 2 screws, so i'm wondering if this is authentic
wat do you mean authentic?
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i just did a little bit of research and i could find a epiphone or a gibson with the half scratch plate like taht with only one...i dont know...it looks pretty auth are u buying off internet>?

mabey its on older one and it was reworked i dunno
Looks like they just attached a new pickguard to it thats all..

2 different types of g400 pickgaurds were made.. the newer ones adn the older one. This is clearly the older one.

I bought one to fit onto mine, but then when ti came i didnt want to drill holes into my baby so i thought **** it
alright guys , thanks for the input , its absolutely fine then ? thanks for the quick replies guys!