Just thought I would post this song I wrote today
I still have a lot to touch up, especially the bridge... but I won't work on it anymore for today. Also, when played the solo will be improvies also the outro and the last chorus will have soloing
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The riffs on there own weren't bad, weren't bad at all. However ... together its all very repetative and such, the vocals do do anything to break this up for me to be honest. I suggest the vocal line is something you might want to work on some.

Oh and I don't think personally, you need that much of a gap between the distorted guitar and the acoustic in the interludey/bridge/middle '8' type bit.

Its got potential, keep working on it and you'll have something decent my friend

crit mine?
Hmm... maybe... I think I will let this piece rest. Write some more riffs, re-write the lyrics (I basically just fit words into the melody lines ) and stuff like that.
I think it was Kick Ass. Guitars and drums went nicely, vocals harmonized well and lyrics were great and very appropriate. I think that there was enough elements of variety in this that it wasnt repetitive at all and if it was... So what. You know how repetitive foo fighters everlong is, 3 chords being picked over and over. That didn't stop david grohl and its the song that put them on the map.
sorry bout the digression, anywhoo just fine polish the riff like your planning to, but everything else is perfect.