ok... i've been playing for around 9 or 10 months now and i've got this rubbishy telecaster knock off... i need to change!!! plus this telecaster is getting kinda trashed...

i'm kinda interested in playing metal/classic rock
i have around £300 to spend on an electric guitar and i'm hoping you guys can help
i'm also looking for something with a whammy bar

so far i've found this:
Black - http://www.thomann.de/gb/ibanez_rg350_ex_bk.htm
White- http://www.thomann.de/gb/ibanez_rg350dx_egitarre_wh.htm

it has everything i need but i'm unsure if it considered good for it's price

if anyone else knows of a great guitar for it's price i'd be greatful
If you want something with a whammy bar, you better save up a little more. You arent really going to be able to get a guitar with a good trem in that budget. The Edge IIIs on that axe is a huge NO! You should at LEAST save up for an S470 dude. Its got a great ZR trem. Would be worth the money.
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No!! Stop Now, Plugging More Than One Pedal In At A Time Could Be A Disaster.... Your Guitar Will Explode And Kill Your Band.

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thanks man

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cool! ... might have the money for it sometime too...
is it really worth the extra £100?
i've heard that some people have had problems with The Edge IIIs and others haven't
how did the Edge IIIs turn out on your RG370DX?