So I got a Question; I'm makeing music on my computer, but if i do it by note input, it all sounds to "perfect"and digital. So I was wondering; Is there any software, where I can hook up my guitar to my PC, change the instrument (Violins, piano etc.) and record it. Something like a guitar synth but then digital on the computer?

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Amplitube 2, Guitar rig 2 or 3 and yes this is the wrong section.. Riffs And Recording forums would be better.
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You're going to need a MIDI guitar or synth pickups, bro.

To plug your guitar into your computer, all you need is a 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapter. You can pick it up for $8.00 max.
Roland makes a MIDI pickup that will attatch to any electric guitar. That's the only way to do it, without buying a dedicated MIDI guitar. (Unless there's software that turns pitch into MIDI data, of which I am not aware)

You're probably better off buying a keyboard controller and learning how to use it well enough to do what you're doing.
Another note on MIDI pickups: They tend to have more delay than other controllers (9ms instead of 3ms) which can also be an issue. Appearently 9ms can be enough to be noticable.

The reason for this is the time it takes to convert the pitch into MIDI data.
i was looking into making a midi guitar, but theres not a lot of point. they arent fantastically responsive, and you physically have to play the guitar like you would play a piano. slides arent fantastic, latancy is pretty bad, notes just omit themselves when you play to fast, and forget about bends.

your best bet is to just get a keyboard.
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