OK, I've planed to record this beautiful song for a while... so I've done it in one afternoon, with lots of effort...

There are: drums, bongos, organs, bass, rythm guitar & 3 lead guitar tracks...
So, enjoy it!!

If you want C4C just leave me link below...

OK, here we go:

WMA (2mb) download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ic87m1

MP3 (4mb) download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c0ly3c
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Woow! Impressive guitar work! The sound seams well polished, like in studio?
Anyways, some kids here could learn something about Santana... who he was before comercialisation... This is a very good cover.
I give 9/10!
Great! I just loove this song!
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critting while I listen

the recording sounds great man, what do you use to record? The mixing is very well done, everything is crystal clear.

I like how the percussion is backing everything up, but is very subtle especially the bongos.

The guitar work is well done. Towards the middle - end when you start playing faster it gets a bit sloppy in places and it's not as fluid as it could be. The only other criticism I have is that to my ears it sounds like you played in the pentatonic scale the whole song, I would've loved to hear you step out of the box once in a while.

haha, I'm just searching for stuff to crit now, overall superb job!

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=682061
Well, I suppose it is pentatonic... im not too much into scales... that was played by the ear... and recored in the second attempt.

Thx for positive critics, I will try to "get out of the box"

Oh, end, if anybody else is interested: here is my gear which I used to record:

cheap but customized Stagg Les Pau copy (most of the song is played in middle postition with Kent-Armstrong pickup set on single, and other is Stagg humbucker - bridge).
No amp. Direct recording to my 6 years old computer (some Celeron 900Mhz)... through Korg AX1500 multieffect... all of the track came and has been done in GuitarPro.
I was born to make it and I will!
oh I'm learning how to play this song. Very interested to hear your recording of it, It's a beautifully composed song.
Waiting for it to be dowloaded. Almost done downloading, I'll crit as i go. You do want crti right?
Did you use a backing track for this
or record all the other bits yourself?
Ok very nicely done. well recorded piece, you've done well. Only a few bits of crit. I would have turned down the distortion a tad on a few notes it seemed a bit 'growly' if you know what i mean. My only other bit of crit is that you need to pay a bit more attention to the dynamics in this song, so that it builds to a nice climax.. But great work. one day I'll hopefully be able to play this as well as you.
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