Soon im getting the ESP KH202...ive heard the factory strings are awesome on them but i'd like to upgrade them to something esle...just somehting better...i play mainly megadeth n metallica...so can you get like kirk or dave's strings?

if not...give me a few suggestions pleaase thanks! (Y)
Strings are strings, you change 'em all the time, they're not really what you class as an "upgrade"...

Chances are the stock strings will be old so you'll probably be best changing them - if it's got a Floyd then you want gauge 9.
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You play Megadeath..so you want Megadeath strings.

You play like Zakk Wylde...You get Zakk Wylde strings.

You play SRV...So you get SRV strings.

They're just strings. Just get what feels comfortable to you, not your guitar 'God'.
what is your amp?

also, the kh202 is a cheap guitar, with a dear price-tag because it has kirk's name on it (and it doesn't even have a built-in wah. for shame... )...

how much money are you talking?

as already said though, choose your own strings. that's a bit like choosing which car to buy based on the quality of the keyring which comes with it... o_O
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kirk and hetfield both use ernieball., but then so do duran duran, can't judge strings on who uses them. i'd say d'addarios if you haven't a lot of money. EB are better imo but they get crappy quickly, I change strings every 2 weeks with slinkies
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