ok, I recently got a strat for modding. Have it all sanded and fine sanded ready for painting. But im sorta lost?

Do I need to use grain filler? what spray paint do I use? Car paint is it? And do i use a clear coat over the matt black?

(Also I basicly asked this in the sticky thread but no answer)
you don't need grain filler but if you sanded right down to bare wood you should prime it.

car paint is fine, clearing over matte black will usually get rid of the matte. i got a matte clear when i tried to do my strat matte, but it still came out too glossy for me. i'm not sure if i messed up the activator:clear ratio...but i'm not really happy with it.


seriously though, have you tried checking through other peoples painting threads to see how they did it. people do it several different ways, so see the ones you think worked out well and see the process that they used. there are also a few good full tutorials about that are pretty precise and useful.

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yeah, just put primer on first. then your actual color. you SHOULD technically put something over the matte black to protect it, but if you want to keep that matte finish, i'm not sure how you can do this. i need to do more research into it.
Ok thanks guys!

Yeah my brother was telling me that if I dont put anything over it, its very prone to damaging!